Hello! I'm Chelsea.

eCommerce Founder, Podcaster, Web Designer, Brand Creator and Yum Cha-Lover.

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A little bit about me...

I'm an ex-teacher turned Ecopreneur, who has found my zone of genius in creating impactful brands, strategic website design and beautiful content for eCommerce businesses. I have a passion for sustainable brands in particular, and love working with people whose vision is aligned with my own!

After successfully launching two eCommerce brands of my own, I realised just how powerful online business can be in changing the world for the better. I launched and sold my first eCommerce business within 12 months, and my second company - The Good Company - is my primary source of income, with most of the day-to-day tasks now on autopilot!


Whilst building these brands, I discovered my knack for helping others to do the same... I've always loved creative projects and I enjoy being able to blend my eCommerce expertise with strategic design work to bring online brands to life.


I now help entrepreneurs all over the world to launch their very own online stores, and I also work with established businesses to offer web design, content creation, brand identity and packaging design. The goal? To attract their ideal customers, have more impact and make more money in their business!


Ready to launch (or elevate) your eCommerce business? Let's connect!

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